Improved Recovery, Reduced Muscle Damage

26 Jul Improved Recovery, Reduced Muscle Damage

A fairly new trend in health and wellness, cryotherapy treatment is a shocking and dramatic approach towards treating physical and emotional ailments. Using a chamber with temperatures as cold as -285 degrees fahrenheit, cryotherapy is able to heal the body on a cellular level. Contrary to popular belief, this cold stimulus actually aids immune function.

During the three-minute treatment cycle, the cold temperatures reduce swelling around joints, strengthen tissue from muscle damage, provide pain relief, and so much more that improves recovery beyond the treatment’s short duration. Additional benefits that have been linked to this treatment include fat reduction, skin improvement, alleviated depression, and boosted mental energy.

In sports medicine, WBC or Whole Body Cryotherapy has been used to improve recovery from muscle injuries. A study was conducted using Italian athletes to determine what the immediate effects were of cryotherapy. They found that short-term cold air exposure improved recovery from exercise-induced muscle injury and/or damage associated with intense physical training. This study concluded that brief exposure to very cold air treats symptoms of various illnesses and improves recovery from muscular trauma.

However, this treatment is not just for athletes. This holistic approach to health and wellness is beneficial to nearly everyone, aside from pregnant women and those with specific illnesses. Anyone who is suffering from emotional exhaustion or physical injury should consider cryotherapy—a completely rejuvenating process that affects all parts of the body. No matter what is hindering someone’s day-to-day success, cryotherapy can provide some relief.

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