Why Cryotherapy is Right for You and When to Get It Done

26 Feb Why Cryotherapy is Right for You and When to Get It Done

One of the latest healing and health solutions that is rapidly becoming more and more popular is cryotherapy. To define simply, cryotherapy is a unique holistic wellness solution that involves a person standing in extreme cold temperature (-150 F to -290 F) for 3 minutes. The procedure is conducted in a controlled manner for exactly 3 minutes, which is how long it takes for the body to be healed at a cellular level. Various benefits of cryotherapy range from physical benefits like pain relief, skin improvement, fat reduction, etc. to mental benefits like alleviating depression and boosting mental energy.

Cryotherapy is a great therapy for all adults because it is safe, has no risks and only improves the body’s internal functions, organ health, and overall blood circulation. However, cryotherapy is especially ideal for people who are suffering from depression, feel exhausted all the time, have trouble sleeping, have rheumatoid arthritis, feel fatigued a lot, have joint point, or want to revitalize their skin.

The only people who are not recommended cryotherapy are pregnant women or those who have severe hypertension, anemia, claustrophobia, allergic reaction to cold, myocardial infarction, arrhythmia, uncontrolled seizures, and a number of other diseases. Consult with your doctor or talk to us prior to the treatment to see if cryotherapy is for you.

If you’re deciding when to get it done, anytime is good! There are no specific conditions to follow before the treatment so you can get it done anytime. In the beginning 5 to 10 treatments closely followed up (e.g. 3 treatments per week) are recommended and later on they can be continued after longer intervals like once every 2 weeks.

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