Cryotherapy and Endorphins – Countless Benefits for the Human Body

13 Mar Cryotherapy and Endorphins – Countless Benefits for the Human Body

Cryotherapy’s benefits and advantages are increasing day by day, making the procedure more and more popular. Amongst these benefits is the group of benefits that come from a single category: endorphins. Cryotherapy’s extreme potential to increase endorphins in the body provide countless benefits to the human body.

Endorphins are defined as chemicals in our nervous system and brain that help produce “feel good” effects. This means that feeling happy, fulfilled, and even finding relief from pain all comes from endorphins. Endorphins are naturally produced in the body and increase due to a variety of activities such as working out. An uncommon way of triggering endorphins in the body is cryotherapy. Cryotherapy, the cold healing procedure, has been proven to have a positive effect on a human’s mental and physical wellbeing because cryotherapy stimulates and increases endorphins in the body.

Endorphins play a major role for one’s wellbeing and those who have low endorphin level are often depressed, stressed, exhausted, fatigued, etc. When a body is exposed to extreme cold temperatures, the body increases endorphins, which is why cryotherapy is so effective in increasing endorphins. When a body is high on endorphins, the person feels better, mentally, emotionally, and physically. A good level of endorphins is also beneficial for pain relief, easing a body of exhaustion, weariness, and fatigue.

Major benefits of high or increased endorphins in the body include easing stress, prevents insomnia, relief from muscle pain and joint pain, relief from itching, reduces psoriasis, and more. While the procedure of extreme cold lasts for a small period of time, the effects of increased endorphins are lasting and long term. In fact, various studies have shown that the benefits of increased endorphins can last weeks.

Endorphins are also known to give a body a “high” – a feeling of euphoria. It triggers happiness and reduces stress and depression. This is what makes cryotherapy an ideal procedure for many adults. Since most of the people today are usually stressed and leading hectic lifestyles, their bodies can be low on endorphins. Cryotherapy can act as a quick fix for endorphins, immediately increasing them in the body and making you feel immediately better, stronger, and more energized.

Increased endorphins via cryotherapy are a tested and proven benefit. The three-minute procedure at RecoveryZone Cryotherapy ™ can ensure that your body gains all the benefits of increased endorphins as well. Contact us for more information or book your appointment today.

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